The Total Submission of pansy Faggot

Friday, November 10, 2006

pansy -- the sissy of destiny

A) Pathetic
B) Loser
C) Humiliated

whatever you choice for pansy, he will live up to it, soon going onto 24/7 diapers wearing this queer, fat sissy lisps through life without concern how lucky the POS is to be owned, Superior Male, Master AJ, is "GIVING" this sissy slave male to WHOEVER wants him.

pansy HAS NO say in who ownes him, and will try 110% to be a slave to his new OWNER


  • At January 27, 2007 12:56 AM, Blogger sissy gina said…

    Dear pansy,
    I can hardly imagine what further humiliation and degradation can be heaped upon you by your Master.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he is tiring of you. You have been totally sissified and there is little more that can be done to crush you. You are really worthless and used up. Masters and Mistresses like to break males like you and turn them in sniveling sissies. When one is used up, they need to start anew. You need to recognize that this will happen because it is the only way Master can be happy.

    One day he will kick your absolutely pathic pansy ass out and then you will really be humiliated and lost without him. That will be for your further humiliation. You know it will come sooner or later.

    Boy you are such a sissy fag.

    sissy gina


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