The Total Submission of pansy Faggot

Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Day of Humiliation

it seems like more and more, i am going out of my to make my life more pathetic.

i've intentionally replaced my pink purse with a girls knapsack, this is now my "purse".
i figure now that 80 to 85% of my clothes, panties, bras, and my wonderful knee socks
are pink.
i have talked with a lisp now for 3 months, and had a hard time trying to talk without it.

at the adult book store where i am "forced" to work, i have been ordered to
- kiss several Superior Females heels
- been forced to skip up and down the aisle while being filmed
- allowed my self to be watched as i peed in my panties
- been called every possible deragatory sexual term
- signed over my pacheck to Master AJ, in plain view of several people

i'm sure things are only going to worse for me

pansy Faggot


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